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  • AG 700

    The AG 700 has the clarity, dynamic range and fast transient response of the legendary AG 500 with a big low-end and high headroom. This solid state amplifier provides 700 continuous watts at 4 ohms while only weighing 4.9 lbs. (2.22 kg)!

    Boasting an incredibly flexible EQ section, the AG 700 features controls for Treble, High Mid, Low Mid and Bass along with Deep and Bright EQ switches for a broadband boost. The AG 700 also features a series effects loop, XLR balanced output and two rear panel speakon outputs.

    型号:AG 700
    低音:+/- 17db @ 40hz
    深度:+ 6分贝< 250赫兹
    中低档:+/- 15db @ 300hz
    High Mid: +/- 14dB @ 800hz。
    三倍:+/- 14db @ 4khz
    亮度:+6 dB >3 kHz,搁置。
    尺寸:12 " W x 9 " D x 3 " H

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