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    The Fender Precision® bass provided the big, round tone found in almost every hit song from the 60’s. To create a pickup with that much vibe and feel, we studied the pickups from Aguilar President Dave Boonshoft’s personal 1963 and 64 Precision basses.

    The AG 4, 5, and 6P-60 pickups use all the period-correct parts, including Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. These pickups have just the right amount of mid-range “nose” to cut through a loud rock band and give all the deep support one would expect from a great 60’s P-bass pickup.

    The AG 4P-60 is direct replacement for Precision Bass® style basses – please see the Specs section below for the AG 5, 5CL, and 6P-60 dimensions. The AG 5P-60CL has a smaller cover and accepts a narrower, 17.5mm – 18.5mm string spacing.

    AG 4P-60

    AG 5P-60

    AG 5P-60CL

    AG 6P-60


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