Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cookie Monster

It's cookie time! Ollie and I spent the morning making chocolate chip cookies together, and dare I say it was a success.  We are having some work done on our porch so I needed an indoor activity (aka time killer) since we were stuck at home.  Inspired by my sister Char who has been baking up a storm with her one year old son Freddie, we decided to try a cooking project of our own.

Ollie was pretty skeptical at the start of our activity. He spent most of the sugar/egg/vanilla blend sucking his thumb and occasionally getting up the nerve to do a few stirs.

Next time I'll crack the eggs =)

I wasn't thinking and I gave Ollie an egg to crack. I thought it would be fun for him . . . you can probably see where this is going. Instead of cracking it in the bowl (how would he know how to do that? duh!) he threw it as hard as he could on the floor. Ha! Clearly a mommy error. But by the time the chocolate chips were being poured Ollie was totally into it. He even snuck in few bites while I was trying to take a picture.

Sneaking a bite

The only real snag we ran into was when it came time to try the cookies . . . turns out Ollie is NOT a fan of chocolate chip! WHAT?? Who doesn't like a warm cookie straight out of the oven? Apparently I have the healthiest baby around. I on the other hand ate three in under a minute, mmmmmmm cookie so goood mmmmmm =)

Ollie's not a fan

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  1. I can only assume as his tastebuds mature he will grow to love them! Love his apron by the way.