Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A much deserved pat on the back?

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts yesterday, the very funny Who Charted?, when the hosts brought up the sense of accomplishment they feel after completing relatively mundane tasks.  The example given was when the host, after catching up on the TV show Breaking Bad in time to watch the finale, felt he had really accomplished something big. He watched the entire TV series, all 5 seasons!

I realize I totally do the same thing. I fold a load of laundry and I give myself a mental pat on the back. I drive to the post office to send a letter and  think, "Well done! You are so on top of it!" I dump a can of diced tomatos in a pan with some basil and I think, "Wow! Homemade marinara sauce . . .  you are awesome!"  These are easy everyday tasks that take minutes to complete yet I feel like I've accomplished something much grander. Heck, I'll probably even tweet out a picture of my finished project just to show everyone how fabulous I am, ha ha.

Is it a mark of my generation that I feel this way? I can't imagine my grandmas gave themselves a pat on the back every time clothes were folded or dinner was made. My guess is they did the job and moved on while I stand back and marvel at my *great* achievement. I don't neccesarily think it's a negative thing that I feel this way, it's just interesting. 

Do you experience the same sense of accomplishment after completing minor tasks or projects? What make's you pat yourself on the back?


  1. Sending snail mail is the ULTIMATE accomplishment. I feel entitled to do absolutely nothing for weeks after a trip to the post office.

    The key to self actualization is low expectations!

  2. Next blog post has to be of that marinara sauce recipe! Sounds to die for. I completely agree with going to the post office- if I do that I feel like I can definitely take the rest of the day off.

  3. This is a hilarious post and SO TRUE! And I agree, mailing something has to be at the top of the list.