Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back at it!

It's been too long blog world - sorry for my extended hiatus.  Since my last post we have moved into our new house (woot woot!).  As the saying goes the only thing harder than moving is death . . . and while I'm not sure I agree 100% with that sentimate it has kept me super busy. But enough excuses.

The new house!
Besides the moving we've also been lucky enough to be a part of two very important weddings this summer. My brother Max and his lady Natalie were married at the end of August, and a week later Ollie made his walking debut as the ring-bearer for two of my bestest friends Anton and Jody.  I love wedding season, fun celebrations, dancing and great friends.

My two sisters, Char and Margaret, traveled with their dudes and baby from Edinburgh to Seattle for the celebrations, which made it all the more fun. We've since been running around doing a mad number of activities trying to soak in the final days of summer. It's always so nice to have the whole family back in Seattle.  It's especially fun seeing all four cousins back together again!

Bath time! 4 cousins in the tub!

What are you doing to keep the summer vibes going? I'm running out of ideas!