Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Party like it's 2013

As you may have read, Ollie turned one last week! I'm sure you saw it trending on twitter, but in case you missed it here is a minor recap of his big bday party.

We celebrated Oliver's first year with a lovely beach party at Golden Gardens.  We had a great time playing in the sand with friends and family, and although Ollie wasn't a huge fan of his cake (what?), he handled all the attention that was heaped on him pretty well.

I had considered BBQing for lunch but it seemed too complicated (you know me, I only do simple and easy!) so instead we noshed on a delishious spread of summer salads, marinated chicken and steak, and fresh berries for lunch.  Instead of cake I opted for portion controlled cupcakes (ha) with my mom's famous lemon frosting. I don't know what Ollie was thinking, they were delectable!

When we talked about getting pregnant we thought it would be nice if he was born in the summer since Alex would be off work, but we never thought about the other perk of having a summer baby; outdoor parties in the sunshine!  It's a little extra prep to get everything together and down to the beach, but once we were there the water and sand took care of the entertaining for us. Plus, no clean up!

A highlight of the party was a surprise visit from our friends visiting from Japan, Curtis and Terumi and their two boys.  How many 1 year-olds get to have international friends at their birthday party?! Ollie is one lucky lad!

Happy Birthday Ollie!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthday Boy: 1 year old!!

Our little baby boy is not so little anymore. Ollie turned 1 year old today! We celebrated with friends and family at Golden Gardens, look for a post on all our birthday beach fun coming soon.

In the meantime here are some of Ollie's highlights from his 11th month: 
  • adding new words to his vocab, including; airplane, boat, dog, and Anna (of all things)
  • mimicking words and sounds
  • scooting all over the place (his form of crawling)
  • points out planes in the sky and boats in the water
  • walking while holding on to someones hands
  • singing along to 'ba ba black sheep'
  • teethed 3 additional teeth (what a month!)
  • giving tons of smiles

Happy Birthday Oliver Thomas!! You've brought us so much joy and love in such a short time. Can't wait to see what year 2 has in-store for us!