Friday, June 21, 2013

Formula for Success

I will be leaving Ollie with his Dad for 4 days in early July while I attend a bachelorette party in Sonoma (yay!) and in preparation for my mini vacation I have been weaning Ollie off nursing and onto formula. Now that he's 11 months old I feel pretty good about the switch to formula for a month or so (doc. says breast milk or formula until 12 months) but it was still a hard decision. For some reason I felt a little guilty although I know 11 months is a long time, and I have nothing against giving formula to a baby, but for some reason it was still a bit emotional.

My plan was to replace one nursing session with a bottle of formula each week. Ollie was only nursing 4 times a day; when he woke up in the morning, after each of his two naps, and before bed, so dropping one nursing session per week seemed doable. Doable, that is, until he had his first drop of formula. Yeah . . . he wasn't having it. At all. Ollie's had a bottle of pumped milk before bed every night since he was a month or so old, so it wasn't that he didn't like the bottle. It was the formula plain and simple.

I tried different formula brands. I tried premixed formula. I tried mixing formula with coconut milk. I put it in a sippy cup, a regular cup. Nothing. So basically instead of replacing a nursing session with a bottle, he was instead dropping a feeding session altogether. We were down to just two feeding sessions, morning and evening, when he finally drank a mixed bottle of 1/2 pumped milk and 1/2 formula. Probably out of starvation (kidding, he eats tons of solid foods so no worries there). After two weeks of trying we finally had made some progress, but it took another week or so to fully get him into formula. Ahhhhhhh. Who knew it would be so hard? I truly thought I would put formula in a bottle and that would be that.

Saturday was my last day nursing Ollie, and it was very bittersweet. While it's nice to not have to pump each night before bed I do miss our cuddle time in the morning.  And I must say my favorite perk has been getting the chance to sleep in a bit. This morning Alex got up with Ollie and fed him a bottle while I slept until almost 8am!! I haven't slept that long since . . . well, since Ollie was born 11 months ago.  So all in all I'm glad I did it, and I'm very glad I will be able to enjoy Sonoma with my girlfriends and know Ollie will be ok.

The moral of the story: if you plan on weaning your babe before a year start early with your milk replacement!


  1. love the title of this post, you're so clever! seems like it would be a bittersweet transition, that's your special time being close with your baby.

  2. Picky, picky - a boy after my own heart :) Maybe he wants to give his dad a night off and spend some time with Auntie Car while you're in Cali :)

  3. Aw, I absolutely love that first photo!

    Sarah @ Life As Always