Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday Boy: 11 months old!!

Oliver is 11 months old today, WOW!!

Unfortunately poor little Ollie got sick this evening and threw up all over his daddy, hardly a good end to an otherwise fun birthday.  There is nothing sadder than a little sick baby. Hoping he feels better soon and we wake up to our happy baby!
Here's some of Ollie's highlights from his 10th month: 

  • pointing to identify people and objects
  • talking (he said his first work - DUCK!)
  • scooting in a circle while seated
  • attempting to crawl by going up on his hands and knees
  • squealing when his cousin Keeley comes to play
  • pulling himself up on Mom or Dad
  • weaning from nursing to bottle only
  • not growing teeth (still has only two!)
  • showing signs of separation anxiety with strangers 
  • giving tons of smiles and cuddles =)

Can't believe he's almost a year old! It feels like yesterday we were bringing him home and now he's practically leaving for collage!


  1. Did he overindulge on his B-day? We've all been there. Happy 11 months Ol!

  2. 11 months has flown by! Happy almost birthday Oliver!

  3. Aw, hope he's feeling better! I guess you really know you're a parent once you get puked on, LOL. ;-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always