Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Scientificly Proven Good Time!

Seattle has seen its fair share of sunny days recently but unfortunately last Monday wasn't one of them.  I am always racking my brain for rainy day activities so when I woke up to the rainy pitter patter on the roof I let out an audible groan.  Should we stay inside or try to brave the weather outdoors somewhere?  Is it worth bundling up to head out or our we better off killing time playing with the same old boring toys inside? Arggg.

Luckily for us Francie has an annual pass to the Pacific Science Center! Better even then that, the pass lets her bring up to 4 adults for free (no joke, best deal in town!).  We decided to make a day of it and packed up the kids, a lunch and an Alex (ha ha) and headed downtown.  I haven't been to the Science Center in quite a while so I was pleasantly surprised to see all the toddler exhibits and activity spaces. They have a great play area just for the minis equipped with musical instruments, giant legos, books, climbing toys and slides, and water basins to splash around in.  Ollie and Keeley had a fantastic time exploring the area and banging on all the toys. 

The highlight for me was the butterfly exhibit. The adults and kids had an equally good time watching tons of butterflies zoom around. Two even landed on Alex!

After we'd had our fill of the museum we headed outside and ate a picnic lunch by the fountain. The rain had stopped and the sun was even peaking through.  I love the fountain at the Seattle Center.  There is almost always some lunatic attempting to run and touch the middle of the fountain only to get sprayed in the face (love it!), they play music so the kids can dance, and it always makes for some great photos.

What are your go-to rainy day activities? 


  1. Love the pics! The fountain is always fun even if it's not the sunniest day.

  2. Love the Sci center. Imax is my fave!

  3. Oh my gosh WHAT was with the weather early last week?! I literally wore my winter coat one day... not cool. At least it cleared up for the weekend though... and I LOVE the Science Center, I haven't been there in years, so much fun!

    Sarah @ Life As Always