Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Product Review: BABYBJÖRN soft bib

Ollie has been on a steady 3 solid food meals a day for a few months now, but I only just discovered this fabulous baby product. The BABYBJÖRN soft bib is WONDERFUL!

If you have a dog who cleans up after your baby's meals you may not need this as much as the rest of us, but if you're like me and you spend 5-10 minutes picking food up off the floor after each meal then this is the bib for you!!!

The soft bib catches all the slippery food that pops out of Ollie's hand on the way to his mouth, and he's even figured out how to reach into the bib pocket and pull out missed bites (both cool and somewhat gross at the same time). We've been encouraging Ollie to feed himself, so having this food catcher strapped around his neck has helped immensely.  I can only imagine how much it will help when he starts using a spoon.

If your baby eats like this, you NEED this bib!!

Hidden bonus with this bib . . . it doubles as a toy! Ollie loves to chew on the soft plasticy material (maybe not the best thing but it keeps him happy!), and he recently discovered the clasp and has been trying to figure out how to open and close it. 

Never thought I'd talk this much about a baby bib, but there you have it! As always, this post was not sponsored, I just really love this product and wanted to share.


  1. Excellent! Good to know! Related question: when did you start introducing Ollie to the idea of feeding himself? I've tried putting pureed baby food on Maddox's tray for him to play with, but he won't put it in his mouth (though he LOVES eating it from a spoon when I offer it!)

    1. We tried when we first introduced solids around 6 months and he wanted nothing to do with it, haha. I totally remember Ollie picking up food and just tossing it off the high chair. I kept trying every couple weeks or so, but it took a while. He started out with toast strips dipped in applesauce (mostly licked the sauce off) and banana (although it gets slippery). He had trouble picking up small bites so I used to give him larger strips of food and watch him extra carefully.

      How is everything going? Can't believe how big Maddox is getting!!

  2. Ha I love those pics of Ollie eating. We have the same bib and LOVE IT. Cannot imagine my (Freddie's) life without it. It's the best!

  3. Genius! Putting this on my list of "things I might need someday." :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  4. I've seen the bib in action and it really does work wonders!