Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Day Sunshine!

Seattle has been hit by a mid-May heatwave and we've been loving it! Yesterday Washington recorded the highest temperature in the country, amazing! I guess the bluest skies really are in Seattle, I knew it!!!

Backyard Dining

Alex, Ollie and I have been staying with my parents (thanks Mom and Dad) while we wait for our house to sell (fingers crossed!).   It's been really fun hanging out with my parents, and with Francie, Bobby, Keeley and Corina living about 5 minutes away we've been taking advantage of the good weather with family BBQs and backyard dinners.

Yesterday we bought the kids a blowup baby pool and they had the best time splashing around and playing out in the sunshine.  Ollie and Keeley have become the best of friends and play really nicely together . . . at least when they're not trying to kill each other with aggressive hugs (Keeley) and thrown toys (Ollie).

Kiddie Pool Fun

What are your favorite warm weather activities? I love visiting Seattle's various wading pools but unfortunately they don't open until June. Oh well, guess the kiddie pool will have to do =)

Lets hope this good weather sticks around!!

Splish Splash


  1. I have been LOVING this weather! We actually slept with the window open last night, it was wonderful!

  2. The orange hat!!! Cuteness overload!