Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Boy: 10 months old!

Ollie turned 10 months earlier this week and I'm just now getting around to this post, better late then never I guess. Where does the time go??!!

This past month with Ollie was filled with travel fun.  We tool a family trip to Edinburgh and another to Santa Barbara. He's become a master flyer at such a young age!

Ollie is mastering new skills everyday, some of the highlights from his 9th month include: 
  • eating almost solely finger foods (exempting oatmeal)
  • continued interest in books, especially page turning
  • throwing the ball
  • attempting to crawl by going up on his hands and knees
  • clapping and waving
  • pulling himself up on Mom or Dad
  • continuing to find his voice . . . by screaming!!
  • showcasing his opinion with increasingly loud grunts until you figure out what he wants
  • jumping like crazy in the Johnny Jump-up
  • showing signs of separation anxiety with strangers 
  • giving tons of smiles and cuddles =)

Can't wait to see what happens in month 10!