Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Shower

Today we celebrated my sister Francie with a lovely spring baby shower.  My cousin Jen hosted a wonderful luncheon filled with family, delicious food, and of course presents!!  It was a beautiful sunny Seattle day which only enhanced the festivities.

Since this is Francie's second baby, and she has plenty of baby gear, Jen had the great idea for all of us to give her a spa gift rather than the standard baby supplies.  She was thrilled, and I'm sure she'll be in need of some R&R once baby number two shows up!

Ollie attended the party along with his cousins Freddie and Keeley.  They all had a great time sneaking bites of cake and playing with wrapping paper and bows. It really is true that boxes and wrapping paper can be just as fun as the presents themselves!

Francie's due date is April 6th, so we're all on baby watch 24/7.  My money's on April 4th in the family pool so my fingers crossed we have a babe this coming week!! So exciting!!



  1. I love that you have a family pool! Can't wait to meet the newest Baby Fitz!

  2. What a perfect weekend for a baby shower... and April 6th, that's coming up fast!!