Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Happy 'Spring Forward Day' everyone!!! 

Hope you all woke up refreshed from your extra hour of sleep . . . or not.   At least my brain was tricked into thinking I got an extra hour even if my body wasn't.  There is something about glancing at the clock when the baby cries and seeing 7:20am instead of 6:20am that makes getting up that much easier. Yeah for making it to the 7s!!!!!

It's time to say goodbye to Winter and HELLO to Spring, 9 days and counting!! Lets hope Seattle sees some sunny days and blues skies.  I am already thinking of good outdoor activities Ollie and I can do.

What are your favorite sunny day outings? Any good ideas for babes under 1?


  1. Ollie looks so studious in those shades!

    Hmmm, sunny day bout a trip to the Seattle Center fountain?

  2. Happy Spring foward day to you as well Anna. :) Oh and what a cute picture of your little one! Adorable!!

  3. We love the zoo. There's a cute pocket park at 6th Ave. NW & NW 76th St. It has a sand pit with toys and a grassy area. No play structure, but that's okay for a 1-yr old. I have a walker/ride toy that you're welcome to. We can hang on to it until after you move.

    1. We would love it!!! If you wouldn't mind holding on it we could grab it once we move. THANKS!!

  4. I love walking and hiking when it's sunny in Seattle, there are so many beautiful places to do it!