Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Baby

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, so Alex and I decided to take Ollie up to Alpental to get some skiing in.  In my old age I've turned into quite the fair weather skier so I was super excited for a spring ski day in the sun!!

Our brother and sister in-law have an awesome camper they take up to the mountain which is the perfect spot for Ollie to hangout while we take turns on the slopes.  This is the second time we've taken Ollie up skiing with us, but I'm still shocked at how well he does. My sister lent me this baby pop-up tent which we set-up on the bed in the camper for Ollie to nap in. And HE ACTUALLY NAPPED!!! I mean, sometimes I don't give him enough credit.  He totally adapted to the new nap environment and went down no problem.  Oh what a fabulous baby.

Ollie's cousins Siena and Nadia take ski lessons, as do some of Alex's friends kids, so it's quite a party up on the mountain.  Everyone gathered for a tailgate lunch by the camper complete with beers and brats. It was so warm you barely needed a jacket!!!

I know it's important for Alex and I to start doing 'normal' activities, things we used to do before the baby, but sometimes it's hard to take that first step out the door. I get so afraid of screwing up his sleep that it can hold me back from enjoying our free time with Oliver.  A ski day was just what I needed to renew my faith in Ollie's ability to adapt. Plus, one day off schedule isn't going to kill anyone!!!

Here's to many more sunny days ahead!


  1. It was such a fun weekend! We really lucked out with the weather too, Sunday was cloudy & rainy! Great family photo btw ;-)

    1. Thanks for the pic - you're a great photographer!

  2. Maybe once you see what a great babysitter I am next Monday, you'll leave him with me and you guys can go skiing together sometime before the season is over :)

  3. Wow, it sounds like you guys had a great day! I love Alpental and I'm so sad I won't get to spring ski this year because of my knee injury. :-(