Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Broken Computer + Sick Baby = Slacking Blogger

I've been out of blogging commission due to a sick baby and a broken computer, but I'm back!!

Last week I accidentally dumped a full cup of coffee on my laptop resulting in a fizzled out power button.  Shortly after poor Ollie came down with a flu, most likely because I let him chew on toys at the Greenlake community play area (whoops).  After a couple sleepless nights the worst seems to be over.  There is nothing more pathetic than a sick baby, they are just so sad.  So glad my happy little guy has returned! And my computer is fixed, woot woot!

Cousin Freddie

Last week my sister Char and her 10 month old son Freddie arrived from Scotland for a 3 week visit. It's been SO fun having them here.  Ollie is loving having another cousin around to play with, and I'm loving having another adult around to drink coffee with while the kiddos goof around!

We've been doing a lot of neighborhood walks and living room playtime while Freddie and Char get over their jet lag.  Hopefully next week we'll venture out and doing some fun kid activities with the babies.

What are your favorite kid friendly Seattle outings? I haven't been on the great wheel yet so that's on my short list.


  1. Cute pics! Hi Freddie and Char! Glad your computer is fixed and that Ollie feels better.

  2. The flu and coffee on the keyboard - what a week! Let's try and hang out this weekend or next, I need to pick your brain about baby neccesities!

  3. Great pics. It looks like it's almost time for Freddie to get his first hair cut! His hair is so long!

  4. Oh no! Having something like that happen to your computer is the worst, I've been there!