Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birthday Boy, 8 months old!!

Ollie is 8 months old today - woot woot! Can't believe how big he is getting! This past month has been super fun, Ollie is more engaged with everything and everyone and is really starting to understand the world around him.
Ollie is mastering new skills everyday, some of the highlights from his 7th month include: 
  • continuing to try new solid foods with special focus on spice!
  • developing fine motor skills
  • babbling (bababa, dadada, badabada)
  • grabbing toys, food, ect. and putting it in his mouth
  • crying when toys are taken away
  • drinking from a sippy cup
  • laughing at jokes, his favorite being when he puts a toy in my mouth and then grabs it away
  • pivoting when placed on his tummy

Can't wait to see what happens in month 8!