Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shop 'til you drop

Rainy day boredom hit our household hard today.  After being stuck inside all afternoon, Ollie and I hit the grocery store to kill time until dinner. Shopping at QFC is one of Ollie's favorite activities.  There is so much for him to look at; shiny lights, holiday decorations (right now its an odd combo of St. Paddy's Day and Easter), and friendly seniors who stop to pinch his cheeks.

We killed about a 45 min going up and down every aisle, picking out just the right fruit and veggies, talking to the fish man, and pointing out all the pretty wine labels. 

What do you do to cure the rainy day blues??


  1. To cure the rainy day blues, I eat bread and cheese and watch episodes of Real Housewives (any city will do).

    Ollie is so cute with that tongue sticking out all the time. Also, I want his sweatshirt.

  2. Sometimes when it's rainy I feel justified to not leave the house all day long. I love curling up with a book and not feeling guilty about it. :-)