Monday, February 18, 2013

Service with a Smile

So often we hear of service horror stories; rude waiters, dishonest cabbies, pushy sales people, that I wanted to share this tale of someone going above and beyond!

During our Vancouver BC trip last weekend we stayed at the Sutton Place Hotel.  On our second night there Alex and I returned to the hotel after  dinner to put Ollie to bed.  Alex was giving Ollie his pumped BBB (before bedtime bottle) and I was getting his PJs all ready when I realized his sleep sack was nowhere to be found.

After turning our room upside down I remembered I had left the sleep sack, which happened to be the same cream color as our sheets, on the bed. I called down to housekeeping and talked to the manager.  He told me the sleep sack must have been accidentally shipped out with our linens. Major bummer. He was very nice and said the hotel would reimburse me.  I told him I appreciated the gesture but was less concerned with the money and more worried about what my baby would sleep in as I had only brought one sleep sack with me. I don't think I sounded super mad on the phone, but I may have mentioned that "my infant son would have to sleep in his clothes " (not true, he had footie PJs, I was just piling on some guilt).

I really don't blame housekeeping for mistaking the sleep sack for a bed linen, it would be an easy mistake, and while I won't take full responsibility I really shouldn't have left a cream blanket on cream sheets.

Well, about 20 minutes after I spoke with the manager we heard a knock at the door.   A member of the housekeeping staff had come up to apologize, and to drop off a cream sleeper from BabyGap!! They were so concerned the baby would be cold they had run out and bought it. WOW! So so so nice. The manager also called to make sure the sleeper would work okay.

Thank you Sutton Place for going above and beyond, you turned an unfortunate situation around and made our stay in Vancouver wonderful!


  1. So nice of them!! And so glad Ollie wasn't cold!! Now I want to go stay at Sutton Place!

  2. WOW! That is incredibly nice of them. Do they have a twitter? You should tweet this blog post at them.

  3. That is so nice! Will definitely make you want to stay there again.

  4. That is unbelievable! Seriously, so nice!

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