Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Product Review: Baby Food Storage

As a new mom I am always looking for baby product recommendations, both what works and what doesn't. So, in an attempt to keep the conversation moving, I'm going to try and blog product reviews from time to time.  I am not being paid for these reviews, and while Amazon.com does sponsor this blog with advertising, the product reviews are mine alone . . . unless someone pays me big bucks in which case my opinion can be bought - any takers??? =)

I would never have classified of myself as "earthy", but since starting Ollie on solid baby food at 5 1/2 months I have been making all his food at home.  I know, I'm amazing, the modern day Earth Mother. JK.

Actually, since Ollie eats mostly pureed foods its super easy and usually involves little more than steaming veggies or fruit and blending them using an immersion blender. I have found that I really enjoy making his food, introducing him to different tastes, spices and textures is quite fun! It also helps me think about what types of food I am eating, if it's healthy and unprocessed, and how I can prepare foods that the entire family can eat together.

I tend to make food in masses once or twice a week and freeze them for future meals. This is where my product review comes in. Neither of these products are "must haves", but they are most definitely nice to haves! I bought these products separately, but they go so well together I thought I'd share them at the same time.

First product: Beaba freezer trays. These are trays for freezing individual baby food portions, and are the perfect size for preparing individual meals in advance.  I have two of these trays and when filled they hold a couple weeks of food, at least at this stage in Ollie's development.

Second product: Wean Green cubes.  These are glass storage containers that hold one beaba freezer portion each.  I usually pop a portion of food from the freezer tray into the Wean cube in the evening, put it in the fridge, and by morning I have a thawed meal for Ollie.  They are glass containers so if I need to microwave the food I know Ollie won't be getting any plastic toxins. Truth be told, I am SO confused on microwaving plastics. You can microwave some and not others, right? Anyway, these glass cubes simplify things as I know they are ok! I also like that I can grab two or three of these, stick them in the diaper bag and have food for when Ollie and I are out of the house.

Part of the reason I love these products is simply because they are CUTE, and therefore inspire me to make baby food. For whatever reason creating mini portions of baby food in cute containers is fun.  I know, my life is just so exciting.  Its kinda like how I'm more likely to go on a run if I'm wearing a cute running top. Is anyone with me on this, or am I a freak?

What are your favorite baby food products? I'm always looking for ways to simplify the feeding process and would love to hear what works for your kiddies!


  1. Those freezer trays are so cute! Is your blog really sponsored by amazon?

    1. Sponsor might be the wrong work, more like advertiser!

  2. I definitely want to try and make my own baby food when the time comes, so I'll have to keep these storage containers in mind, they seem great!

  3. those wean green glass cubes look great. right now i use plastic and then transfer to a glass bowl to warm up the food. those would eliminate a step!

    i just did a post on this too, hehe. it IS fun making baby food!