Friday, February 8, 2013

Musical Munchkin Toy Review

Ollie and his new toy!

When it comes to Oliver's toys I usually try to steer clear of ones that make noise.  It's not because he doesn't like them, in fact he LOVES them, but for the sake of my own sanity.  I can only take so much clanging before I want to bang my head against a wall! In college I worked at a daycare and I used to go around removing batteries from all the noise making toys (I know - I'm a scrooge).  All that being said, my mom recently bought Ollie a Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube and we have been having a great time playing with it!

Each side of the cube represents an orchestral instrument that when pressed plays classical music in the style of that instrument.  Unlike the other noisy toys we have the Mozart Magic Cube has a quiet, gentle sound that I actually enjoy! Also, you only need a light touch to make it play so it's perfect for Ollie, he loves to sit and bang on it.

I would highly recommend this toy to parents, especially those who's babies are just learning to play sitting up.


  1. Love it! We have a mobile that plays Mozart and Freddie loved it when he was younger. It was calming for me too!

  2. we had that one too! Don't worry, soon enough you will take the batteries of it too :-)

  3. This is great to hear. I really like your blog! I was contemplating getting this for my baby thats on the way. My house is the noise house. My 17mth old loves instruments and I found this out at a mommy group when she was about 8mths. Her dad then bought her a drum and she plays it like she took lessons. This all led to my sisters choosing to purchase a key board, xylophone, guitar..... Noise, pure noise! These are the things she actually plays with besides, boxes, bowls and jewelry. lol (yes she pushes her play stroller around with watches and brushes in it, or puts her doll in a bowl in the stroller) my long winded toy story!

    1. Ha ha, I love it!!! I am sure my house will be the noise house soon enough =)